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Who We are

My name is Ryan Fineran and I started TG Skyles Inc. as a continuation of my Great Grandfather's goal to improve the lives of Oregonians by helping them utilize the latest technological advancements to improve their lives. In his day that meant installing and maintaining some of the first electric refrigeration systems to help safely store healthy and delicious food for extended periods. Today, as the technology continues to advance, we have home comfort solutions that allow us to maintain near perfect indoor conditions in virtually any climate. Our goal at TG Skyles is to educate our customers about the available options to get the most out of their home comfort systems and assist them in maintaining and operating them.


I have been in the Heating and Cooling industry for 10 years, and in residential construction for my entire career. Out of high school I joined the Marine Corps Reserves, which took me on 3 deployments in 7 years and taught me many valuable life lessons that I carry with me to this day. My goal with TG Skyles is to build a company that provides exceptional customer service and the highest quality home comfort solutions to our customers by emulating the sense of purpose, camaraderie and team work that I experienced in the service. Through extensive training on the latest technology in building science and with outstanding back-end support we provide our customers with top of the line solutions to their home comfort needs.

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